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Airlines Passenger GSSA
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Passenger business is the core product for most Airlines company and ITL Aviation Services has what it takes to provide top-notch service to our esteemed Airlines partners.
ITL Aviation Services offers Airlines companies a low-risk method of entering this new and challenging market in Vietnam & Indochina where understanding of local culture yet embracing international approach are key factors to success.
Our team of professionals is made up of the best individuals from this market coming with a great wealth of experience from their previous work with other leading Airlines companies. With our local expertise, ITLAVS is able to support Airlines for all Passenger GSSA requirements ranging such as Sales & Marketing, Passenger handling and supervision, Promotion and Advertising, Administration and PR and much more. 

Our wide range of services offer a truly comprehensive package to meet all the modern needs of a vibrant Airlines operating in today’s competitive markets.

Sales and Marketing

As true professionals, our team constantly keep tap on the competition in the market and keep ourselves abreast of all latest market trend which we use to identify business opportunities.

Business plans will then be formulated to provide specific strategies and target, driven down to all level of staff within the company to ensure that we can reap the most out of all existing opportunities, thus maximizing the revenue for our Airlines partner and ourselves.

A lot of time is invested into relationship building so that we have a leading distribution network made up of travel agencies, tour operators and ticketing offices.  Regular visits are made to our distribution network to enhance the effectiveness and support they bring to us which we in return, can relay the benefits back to all our Airlines partners.  The network is constantly reviewed to ensure that corporate image/branding and customer service expectations of each individual Airlines partners are being enforced to prevent any non compliances.  
Our highly experienced and pro-active sales team will help Airlines achieve goals by carrying out a wide variety of sales activities that include:
  • Market research and route analysis
  • Proposal and development of products and fare
  • Field sales visit / Distribution Network calls
  • Direct mailing to selected market segment
  • Promotion activities
  • Sales seminar
  • Familiarization trips
  • Comprehensive sales report
Passenger Handling and Supervision
Passenger handling is one of the most delicate aspects of Passenger services and the fact that we are dealing with human expectation and emotions is truly a challenge.

One of the foremost priorities of ITLAVS is the assembly of a best-in-class team of customer service representatives and supervisors. For every unexpected problem that may arise as a result of customer expectations and emotions, we truly believe there will always be a solution at least to satisfy the very basic emotions and frustration of a passenger when there are travel complications as long as we are willing to take that extra mile in trying to resolve their problem.  . 

This core customer service attribute has been instilled into our team of highly trained representatives and supervisors so that customers will be satisfied in choosing to fly with the Airlines we represent. 

Some highlights of passenger handling and supervision services we provide for Airlines:
  • Reservation and ticketing
  • Check-In Services
  • Luggage Handling
  • Lost & Found
  • Arrival and Transfer Services


C/Advertising & PR
With in-depth knowledge of the business and social cultures of the countries in which we operate, ITL Aviation Services will carry out appropriate Advertising and PR campaign to optimize the exposure and image of Airlines.

Creating awareness is a top agenda in every Airlines trying to gain entry into a new market and ITLAVS has the experience to propose and execute the most suitable A&P campaign to our Airlines partners targeting maximum coverage possible aligning to market segmentation and geography in view of budget. 

Some of the A&P channels include:
  • Printed material distribution
  • Poster and bill board advertising
  • Press release and conferences
  • Product Seminars
  • Product launch events
  • Media advertising